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We’ve put together an elite team of scientists to make your testing protocols a breeze.

Super Skilled.

Our team at the lab is a dynamic blend of seasoned chemists, meticulous microbiologists, and dedicated customer service professionals. Each member brings a unique skill set, working in perfect harmony to ensure every customer’s needs are not just met, but exceeded. Their combined expertise, tireless dedication, and shared commitment to excellence set the standard in cannabis product testing. Together, they make the impossible possible, delivering fast, accurate results with a level of service that goes beyond belief.

The Founders







A legacy of excellence

Our story begins in the 1970s and 1980s, when our founders, Mike, Rocky, and Gary were hardworking analysts in various analytical labs. Their journey was not just about perseverance and long hours, but also about gaining expertise and understanding the importance of reliable lab equipment.

After years in the trenches, they moved on to servicing and fixing analytical instruments. It was during these formative years that Gary and Mike crossed paths on service calls. Recognizing a shared passion for precision and efficiency, they joined forces in 2006 to create Altitude Lab Solutions, a company dedicated to servicing lab equipment.

In 2011, Rocky brought his own wealth of experience to the team. Together, they worked tirelessly, outfitting and servicing labs, and opening over 150 labs around the world. Their dedication and commitment to quality were unparalleled, but they still had one more goal in mind.

In 2014, they leveraged their collective expertise to open this lab, creating a space that embodied their values of speed, accuracy, and precision. Our lab is a testament to their journey, with every instrument reflecting their years of experience in servicing. This is why we can confidently say we offer zero downtime, thanks to our well-serviced instruments and the legacy of our founders.

Today, every test conducted in our lab is a testament to their journey, their expertise, and their dedication to providing fast, accurate results. So, when you choose Desert Valley Testing, you’re not just getting the fastest turnaround times in Phoenix, you’re becoming a part of a story that’s been decades in the making.