Testing programs

Leave the rocket-science to us, so you can focus on your customers. We employ an elite team of scientists to ensure market-ready, quality, accuracy, and precision for your products.  

Marijuana Testing

From Potency to Microbials

We’ve been ADHS licensed across the full panel of tests for marijuana since 2019. Aspergillus to xylene, we’ve got you covered.

Psychedelic Testing

From Mushrooms to DMT

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and rigorous protocols, we ensure the safety and efficacy of your substances. Experience the intersection of science and psychedelia, where quality assurance is no hallucination.

Functional Mushroom Testing


Functional mushroom testing plays a pivotal role in the burgeoning health and wellness industry by ensuring potency and quality. With the global functional mushroom market expected to grow significantly, accurate lab testing is crucial for high-quality mushroom supplements