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Residual Solvents

Residual Solvents are organic volatile chemicals that are used or produced when manufacturing cannabis products. Our laboratory utilizes a Agilent 6890/5973 GCMS’s coupled with liquid and headspace autosamplers to detect these chemicals to ensure the most accurate analytical testing of your cannabis product.

(19 Residual Solvents) By GCMS-HS: Isopentane, Propane, Acetone, Isobutane, Ethanol, n-Heptane, n-Hexane, n-Butane, n-Pentane, 2- Propanol, Acetonitrile, Tetrahydrofuran, Toluene, Chloroform, Carbon Tetrachloride, Benzene, Xylenes (3) M-xylene, P-xylene and o-xylene. 

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