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Desert Valley Testing

Desert Valley Testing (DVT) is a credible laboratory that employs industry educated and experienced Chemists to ensure the most accurate analytical testing of your cannabis product. Our laboratory was developed using the laws and regulations governed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for good laboratory compliance.

We believe it is important to help ensure the health and safety of consumers and to maximize the quality of our client’s products. To that affect, DVT uses science based methodology and chemistry for proper analysis of cannabis products for cannabinoid potency, terpenes, residual solvents, and screening for visible mold. We have the ability to partner with other local laboratories to analyze for heavy metals, pesticides, growth regulators, gender testing, DNA profiling and spore count analysis. Our laboratory utilizes a Agilent 6890/5973 GCMS’s coupled with liquid and headspace autosamplers for residual solvents and terpenes. We use Agilent 1100 HPLC’s for proper determination of potency on a wide range of cannabis products.

Our staff are dedicated to providing reliable, accurate results. Our reputation is built on the foundation of honesty, integrity and ethical conduct. We are open to laboratory tours, audits, and review of any service we provide.


Tabitha (Laboratory Director)

Tabitha has been an Organic Chemist for 17 years and has extensive instrumentation experience. Most of her career has been comprised utilizing GC, GCMS and HPLC. She provides only accurate and ethical data to your business. Integrity is of the utmost importance as she analyzes samples and provides critical information to the end user of the medical marijuana. Tabitha opened DVT ultimately for her passion in the product and educating patients on the importance of testing and providing accurate data to properly medicate. She is open to laboratory tours, audits, and reviews of any and all services DVT provides.

Erin G.

Erin (Organic Chemist)

Erin is excited and honored to be a part of DVT. Erin has been specializing in organic chemistry for the past 18 years. She has extensive expertise in instrumentation such as HPLC, GCMS, GC-FID,GC-ECD and GC-FPD as well as experience in method development. Erin is passionate and believes in the importance of medical cannabis testing especially when is comes to treating patients with different ailments and knowing the correct cannabinoids and dosage for treatment. Erin’s expertise in method development will allow for growth in the methodologies for cannabis testing. 

Andrea New

Andrea (Method Development and Consulting Chemist)

Andrea has her bachelor of science in chemistry from UC Berkeley. She started her career in agrochemical research. In 11 years she gained extensive experience in extractions of water, soils, and plants, as well as analytical experience on HPLC-UV, GCMS, GC-FID and LC/MS/MS. In those 11 years, she developed multiple extraction and analytical methods to accommodate changing compounds and matrices. Moving back to the valley, she’s continued to add to her analytical and method development experience. She has always taken pride in her work and enjoys the dynamic nature of chemistry.


Berai (Quality Assurance and Laboratory Manager)

Berai has 9 years experience in chemistry and microbiology analysis. She has practiced and is knowledgeable in quality assurance with a mindful focus on producing accurate results. Berai supports the use of medical cannabis and strives to deliver purely accurate data so that dispensaries can ensure that patients receive the highest quality treatment for their ailments.

Amra (Laboratory Technician)

Amra is a recent Arizona State University graduate with a B.S. in Life Sciences. With 4 years of ASU lab experience, she is excited to bring her passion for organic chemistry and microbiology to DVT. Amra believes in the importance of medical cannabis testing and in educating the community about its benefits. She is honored and excited to be a part of the DVT team where she can take part in ensuring patients are getting the top quality testing of their cannabis products that they deserve. 

Tamara New

Tamara (Chemist)

Tamara attended the University of Arizona where she received her BS in chemistry and math with minors in nutrition and physics. Tamara has over 10 years of experience in the environmental lab industry and in a process lab. Her experience includes many wet chemistry tests, and various instrumentation; some of which are ICP, ICPMS, GFAA, and IC.


Jamie (Organic Chemist)

Jamie graduated from Illinois State University with a B.S. in Chemistry. Her chemistry career began in environmental chemistry performing laboratory extractions, running instrumentation and reviewing data for semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds. Her career progressed to analyzing water in the public sector. Her instrumentation knowledge and proficiency includes GC, GCMS, and HPLC. Jamie now has 9 years of experience in chemistry and works hard to produce sample results quickly to our clients. She pays strict attention to detail and is precise and consistent in the work that she performs. 

Terri (Laboratory Technician)

Terri graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a BS in Soil Science. Coming from an Environmental and Plant Science background working with regulatory entities in site mitigation for protected habitats, she has 8 years experience in the field and 5 years experience in a GLP laboratory environment. As a Study Director and Principal Investigator, Terri worked with terrestrial and aquatic plants with a focus on pesticide and herbicide toxicity studies. Terri is very excited to be a part of the DVT team. She supports the use of medical cannabis and believes that the sound scientific principals practiced at DVT will help to bring the best quality medical products to patients.


Nicki (Lab Technician)

Nicki, CEO and Founder of Gourmedd, LLC. has been working with Medical Marijuana in Phoenix for the last 6 years, but has been immersed in the culture of the plant since 1996. She started growing legally in Arizona before dispensaries opened and has built her edible and skin care line from her love of the plant and its medicinal properties.  Her experience includes 1 year cultivating assistant for a master grower, 2 years cultivating herself, and 5 years creating recipes with Medical Marijuana.  Nicki has been active with the legalization efforts since the very during the very early stages of Medical Marijuana movement in Phoenix. It is Nicki’s hope, that through her work with Desert Valley Testing, she will expand her knowledge and expertise to be able to deliver the best product and classes to Gourmedd customers and continue to provide sound advice and education for people looking to use their love of food and medicine to help others.


Erin (Sales and Marketing Director/Office Manager)

Erin comes to DVT from a retail management background with experience in small and large business structures. She learned about DVT through Tabitha and immediately fell in love with the passion that she embodied towards helping others. “I love that DVT is committed to excellence and strives to lead an otherwise unregulated industry. The main goal is helping others, and I’m a sucker for the greater good! I know DVT has big things in store and I’m thrilled to be a part of this team!”

Erica Pic

Erica (Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer)

Erica graduated from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Business Management. She brings to DVT her knowledge in strategic marketing and communications as well as a background in graphic and web design. She truly believes in the vision of DVT and is honored to be apart of an evolving organization dedicated to supporting and educating its local community through in-depth research and testing of the medical applications of cannabis.