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Micro Screening

Harmful compounds can be released when certain molds/fungus are combusted, heated and/or smoked; therefore, Desert Valley Testing offers Microscopy Analysis to screen for Mildew, Mold, Fungus and any other hazardous contaminants. 

Mildew, Mold and Fungus 

  1. $25.00 Individual

  2. With other testing $5.00 (Scope Screening)

Results in 2 business days.

Microbial Analysis (CFU Count)

Microorganisms are everywhere and although most of them are not harmful it is important to be aware of their presence and monitor for the harmful microorganisms known as pathogens. To help monitor these microorganisms, Desert Valley Testing offers four different types of Microbiological Tests that quantify the number of microogranisms in CFU/gram.

  • Rapid Yeast & Mold Plate Count (reported CFU/gram)

  • Coliform/E.coli Bacteria Plate Count (reported CFU/gram)

  • Aerobic Bacteria Plate Count (reported CFU/gram)

  • Enterobacteria Plate Count (reported CFU/gram)

  1. $40.00 for each analysis separate

  2. $110.00 Combo Pricing for all 4 at the same time

Results in 2-4 business days.