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Plant Gender Testing

Identifying and understanding the gender of your plant is important as Males produce very little THC, CBD and terpenes. As such,  they are of little use, except to breeders. Desert Valley Testing has partnered with Phylos, an outside laboratory, offering Plant Gender Determination by analyzing DNA from seedlings to identify male and female plants within days of germination with absolute certainty. Seedlings are ready to test just after the second set of serrated leaves appear (around 7 days).

Recently, Phylos, DVT’s partner for gender testing has changed their process. 

It will now be necessary to coordinate, purchase, submit samples and receive results through Phylos directly.  Below are the steps to register and receive the 10% DVT Discount:

1. Visit

2. Click “Order”

3. Click “Register”

4. Enter in the DVT discount code “1SFQDMQ” and complete the registration information. You can also go to and the 10% DVT Discount code is automatically applied.

Once you have registered and purchased your DNA collection cards, simply:

1. Pop seeds

2. Collect cotyledon leaf samples

                         (Ready to test stage)———->plant-01

3. Submit & get results in 48 hours

We encourage clients to go online and register prior to submitting samples to become familiar with the process. Additionally, DVT recommends purchasing DNA collection cards in advance, so they are readily available when sample collection is needed.