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DNA Profiling

On March 3, 2017, Posted by , In Blog, With Comments Off on DNA Profiling


There are countless reasons for why you want to improve or certify a hemp strain. Knowing the specific genes that give a strain its desirable properties opens a door to all possibilities. Best of all, the entire process is replicable, allowing you more control for trait development, strain stabilization, product branding and more.

DVT has partnered with Marigene to offer our clients DNA Profiling. Marigene strives to provide insight into the use of genetics in Cannabis plant breeding to the industry. For more information and pricing please contact us at or by phone 480-788-6644. 

For further education on DNA Profiling, please take a moment to read the article below written by Dr. Schwartz, that provides genetics 101 information specifically related to Cannabis.

An Introduction to Cannabis Genetics, Part II


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